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Joyce Margeson reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

My Grandson loves to go , the discipline, workouts and focus are great for all ages . You can see the love and effort that is given to help all achieve and do their best.HEALTHY MIIIIINDS AND BODYS !! :-)

Audrey Pugh reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

The BEST karate studio in Florida. My four year old loves it! She has found serious confidence and self control, as well as a nice strong punch:) I highly recommend all if our friends come here.

Ken Howard Sr. reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

Top notch dojo! They care about the children learning and understanding of not only karate fundamentals, but basic self respect and discipline which is lacking in most youth today. My granddaughters love attending classes. Kyoshi and Sinsai Coy are fare, but expect the children to put forth the effort required to move forward with their newly learned skills. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of entering their children in karate.

Sandy Swelle reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

The best Karate school my son and I have ever had the privilege of attending. My son earned his black belt here after many years of hard work and training. They are absolutely excellent with children, reinforcing the invaluable lessons of respect, self discipline and focus. They are also great with adults of all ages, promoting a can-do attitude and friendship and teamwork amongst students present at no other dojo I have witnessed. Proud to be a student here of five years running. Ous!

Yudith Massiel Perez reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

I don't have enough words to describe how amazing Kioshy and Sensei Koi are; they have been a blessing to my son started 3 year old and after a year I can see the progress he has accomplished, balance, discipline, interaction, learning to wait his turn, focus... like I've said before, not eough words!! Thumbs up!!!

Dusty Clark reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

Kyoshi and Sensei Coy are absolutely amazing. Our son attended their dojo for 7 months and learned so much. Not just about Karate, but about respect, appreciation and responsibility. I'd recommend this dojo to anyone, young or old. Well organized, always busy and focused. In addition, they both know ALL of the children's names and make each child feel welcome and involved. They also interact with parents and make them feel welcome. Most importantly, they legitimately care about each child and are true masters of their art. We are a military family and are transferring, otherwise we would stay with C.D. Williamson's dojo. If you go to this dojo, you will not regret it!

Bill Talton reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

To the best Karate Dojo anywhere, thanks for a great week at Summer Camp! My 2 green belts are passed out snoozing from a tough, but inspiring week of training. I don't think I've ever seen so many professionals enjoy what they do as much as your Instructors! You guys rock!

Tiffany Clark reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

No matter what these people will be my second family... This karate studio is much more than just people teaching your children how to punch or kick, these people will turn out to be your family. I recommend cd and his staff to anyone. " we are a black belt school, we more motivated , we are dedicated, were on a quest to be our best..." And they live up to that standard . Check them out for a free class and tell them sensei Tiffany sent you :)

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Our latest news & thoughts

Dojo Monthly Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

Please Welcome our Newest Students

I would like to personally welcome all of our students recently enrolled!  See Kyoshi, Sensei Coy or Sensei Jessey if you have any questions or personal needs.  Also, please take advantage of our 4 week student referral program.


**New Leadership meeting times**

*** Leadership Meeting every Friday 4:00PM***

starts Friday 4/9/21

Leadership is for youth students to just become better versions of themselves. We also talk about community service through the karate school.   See Sensei Coy to get access to this group!




Black Belt Training


 Jr. Kobudo beginners always bring both Bo and Nunchaku

Jr. Advanced Kobudo- Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Sai (if you have these)

 Youth/Adult Beginner (White Belt -Bo Staff)

 Youth/Adult Intermediate & Advanced (Blue & above)- Nunchaku


***Weapons Alert***

Youth/Adult Green belts in weapons will now move to the Advanced weapons class on Wednesday and Saturday’s starting June 3rd.  


All green and above kobudo graduations are held in April, July, October and January.


June Events

Vacation updates:

If you are leaving town even for just a week, please let us know.  We weekly track our students and when they are out of class.  Also, we will have a Summer Postcard board. Please send the Dojo a postcard from where you are!  Let’s fill it up!

Summer is here:

Family members train free this Summer!

Purchase a uniform and get 4 weeks of Martial Arts on us.  Only for our Dojo members!  

Limited #’s, training can begin as early as June 1st.




6 Weeks of Summer Ninja Fun

Monday – Thursday 9am-12pm (3 hours)

Ages 5-12

click below to enroll:



Each week campers will dive into different Ninja Training Tactics with our trained staff.

This camp is for active students and new students interested in summer fun.

We will be offering a karate class (1 class credit included) each day.

This will keep your evenings free!

Only taking 20 kids per week.

You have 3 different ways to purchase the camps.

See us at the front counter to enroll!



Friday, June 18th @ 5:15pm

Have all the Dads join us for a fun night of training.

We will be going through a great workout, self defense and fun.

Completely free, let’s get Dad on the mat and have a blast.


Next Parent’s Night Out Event:

“Night of the Nunchaku”

Dates and Times will be announced soon.

2021 Summer

Advancement Camp

July 26-30

This camp is a full week of Martial Arts training.  Kids, Youth and adults will be training with Instructors from Indiana and Virginia.  If there was one camp to choose, you want this one.  See us at the front counter to enroll in this one.


Graduations schedule

(when there is a end of the month graduation at our school, there are no regular classes.)

May – End of month Graduation (No regular Classes, only graduation)

These will be held June 4th due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

(Invite only)

Juniors- orange, purple and blue- 4:00PM

Youth/ Adult orange, purple and blue- 5:00PM


June – End of the month and quarterly graduations:

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Juniors- orange, purple and blue- 4:00PM

Youth/ Adult orange, purple and blue- 5:00PM

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Youth/Adult – Green Belts and above – 6:30am

Juniors – Green and above 9:30am




June Dates to Remember!

4th- Belt Graduations only (no regular classes)

14th-Summer Ninja Warrior Camp begins

May 18th- Dads Hitting Pads

June 25th and 26th – Quarterly Graduations – Green, Brown and Black (no regular classes)

July 23rd- Quarterly Kobudo Graduation

July 26th-30 Summer Advancement Camp

Why do kids have gold stars on their uniform?

For children that bring us current report cards with A or A/B honor roll, will receive a gold star at no cost.  There can not be any conduct marks either.  Keep up the great work.


New Birthday Packages

Safe environment, no weather concerns… just a few reasons why scheduling your child’s next party is a great parent move!  Sensei Jessey has all the info you need!


***Parking Reminder***

No parking in front of Artful Things (You may park on the side of their building)

No Parking in Front of Berkshire Hathaway until after 5:00PM (you will be towed)

We suggest our parents and students use the back parking lot and back entrance to the dojo.

Thank you, STAFF


Basic Program Students and Trial Students

These students are allowed to come twice per week.




Attendance Card Responsibility!

It is our duty as a school to set the standard for our students.  We want to be sure that all students  youth (10-14) or adult are pulling their attendance card before class starts.  In failure to pull your card, you will not get credit for that class.  This is the responsibility that we put in place for our students.  Asking to add classes the day after or any other situation will not be accepted.

3 tips to help remember:

  1. Be on time
  2. Directly go to the card box on your way in.
  3. Look at your card everyday, look at the dates, see how many you need to reach your next goal!



Others want to know your experience!

Let’s face it, every decision we make when it comes to the things we do or where we go starts with Google.  We all pay attention to the reviews each individual business acquires.  Please help others know what your experience has been like at our school!

Other parents have:

Talked about the cleanliness of the school


Give instructor shout outs


or even what Martial Arts has done for your family.


Follow the link to leave us a google review! …..”Click the tab leave a review”…0.0..0.110.507.3j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0j35i39j0i10j0i10i30j0i5i10i30._tB1M0YiS8g#lrd=0x889169ae39d8a695:0xd636df15f4052ef9,1,,,



CDW Karate Team


Social Media Presence

You guys are the reason we even have the opportunity to be successful and we are so thankful for that.  I just wanted to let you know about a couple things that will be happening around our school:

Every Monday- Kickin It with Sensei Coy:  this is a live Facebook video to let parents know whats going on at the dojo the upcoming week!

1st of the month we will take some photos of our students during classes to help branding with our school and to show emotion at our school.

2-3 Times per week we will do a Facebook Live video of our classes. This gives your child the opportunity to be a superstar while again letting the community know how we teach kids, youth and adults, Martial arts and life skills!


Our goal as a karate school is to instill quality Martial Arts to all of our students and the community!


If you have any questions please see Sensei Coy!  *** If you would not like your child to participate, please let us know.



As of August, 1st 2019

If you do not come to belt graduation on the assigned date and you wish to have a private graduation you will have an additional fee.

Too many students have been missing the assigned graduation date.  Please be sure to mark calendars for assigned testing days.

Orange, Purple and Blue Belt Ranks=$40 + graduation fee.

Green and Brown=$100 (2 hour test) + graduation fee.

No Phones during classes!

Parent’s we need your help during class time.  When you bring your child to class we want our parent’s focus on their child and what they are doing.  Cell phones have been a great invention but they tend to get in the way at times.  We want our children to feel important and know their parent is watching them on the mat.  This is a great way to keep up with holding them accountable with what they learned and behavior.  I think we all can benefit from putting away the phones for 30 minutes.  By all means, if you have to take a call, please step outside and do so.



​Cash Graduation Fee’s (save $$$)

Pay your belt graduation fee in cash and receive a $5 buck discount.


Things to Remember

1. Please park in the rear leave our up front parking for our new guests.

2. Turn cell phones off or on vibrate during class.

3. Please don’t stand by the wall next to the mat. It is distracting to the students and the instructors.

4. No food or drinks in the dojo – PLEASE!

5.  There are no regular classes on the last Friday of the month.  We reserve this for belt graduations only.

6. ALL patches must be on all Gis that you wear to class. Black Gis have to have chest and sleeve patches.