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Joyce Margeson reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

My Grandson loves to go , the discipline, workouts and focus are great for all ages . You can see the love and effort that is given to help all achieve and do their best.HEALTHY MIIIIINDS AND BODYS !! :-)

Audrey Pugh reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

The BEST karate studio in Florida. My four year old loves it! She has found serious confidence and self control, as well as a nice strong punch:) I highly recommend all if our friends come here.

Ken Howard Sr. reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

Top notch dojo! They care about the children learning and understanding of not only karate fundamentals, but basic self respect and discipline which is lacking in most youth today. My granddaughters love attending classes. Kyoshi and Sinsai Coy are fare, but expect the children to put forth the effort required to move forward with their newly learned skills. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of entering their children in karate.

Sandy Swelle reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

The best Karate school my son and I have ever had the privilege of attending. My son earned his black belt here after many years of hard work and training. They are absolutely excellent with children, reinforcing the invaluable lessons of respect, self discipline and focus. They are also great with adults of all ages, promoting a can-do attitude and friendship and teamwork amongst students present at no other dojo I have witnessed. Proud to be a student here of five years running. Ous!

Yudith Massiel Perez reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

I don't have enough words to describe how amazing Kioshy and Sensei Koi are; they have been a blessing to my son started 3 year old and after a year I can see the progress he has accomplished, balance, discipline, interaction, learning to wait his turn, focus... like I've said before, not eough words!! Thumbs up!!!

Dusty Clark reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

Kyoshi and Sensei Coy are absolutely amazing. Our son attended their dojo for 7 months and learned so much. Not just about Karate, but about respect, appreciation and responsibility. I'd recommend this dojo to anyone, young or old. Well organized, always busy and focused. In addition, they both know ALL of the children's names and make each child feel welcome and involved. They also interact with parents and make them feel welcome. Most importantly, they legitimately care about each child and are true masters of their art. We are a military family and are transferring, otherwise we would stay with C.D. Williamson's dojo. If you go to this dojo, you will not regret it!

Bill Talton reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

To the best Karate Dojo anywhere, thanks for a great week at Summer Camp! My 2 green belts are passed out snoozing from a tough, but inspiring week of training. I don't think I've ever seen so many professionals enjoy what they do as much as your Instructors! You guys rock!

Tiffany Clark reviewed CD Williamson Karate
via Facebook

No matter what these people will be my second family... This karate studio is much more than just people teaching your children how to punch or kick, these people will turn out to be your family. I recommend cd and his staff to anyone. " we are a black belt school, we more motivated , we are dedicated, were on a quest to be our best..." And they live up to that standard . Check them out for a free class and tell them sensei Tiffany sent you :)

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Weekly Blog

What To Expect From Your New Ninja


Martial arts has a well-known benefit of helping children develop physical skills and improve in discipline. For this reason, parents often enroll their children in some type of martial arts in order to achieve goals such as these. And while attaining these goals are possible, parents often have unrealistic expectations of the time it actually takes for children to get there.


Of course, age, stage of development, as well as a myriad of other things go into exactly how quickly a specific child will accomplish a certain goal. But there is one thing is the same across the board. When children start martial arts, it is important for parents to remember that their child is starting a new sport, with new people, in a new environment, and learning new information. This would be a bit overwhelming for anyone. Certainly, older children may handle this pressure a little better,but parents should expect a certain amount of adjustment from any age.


The SKILLZ program’s age-specific curriculum was specifically designed to target individual age groups and work on skills that are essential for their stage of development. Within this framework, each age group is also broken down to address physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development that is appropriate for that age. By creating the program in this way, children are able to achieve more in a quicker amount of timebecause the goals are challenging but also achievable.


Parents, however, must keep in mind that children are all different and develop and attain goals at different times. In a specific age group, there are also children that have been in the class for a longer period of time and have worked on the skillsfor that age group longer. However, even for two children of the same age and starting at the same time, one may achieve a specific skill quicker than another.


Let’s take this from a different view as well. Even if parentsaren’t comparing their child to another, they often feel that their child should achieve a certain goal after only a short time of training. While parents will see some development and improvement in skills after a few weeks, expecting them to suddenly have a specific skill mastered, after a short time, is unrealistic.



As they say, “slow and steady wins the race.” As children develop, we need to remember that they will get there when their bodies and minds are ready. Expecting certain things of a child that they are not physically, intellectual, emotionally, or socially ready for can do more harm than good. The key is to make sure there is consistent training and practice of the skills and celebrate small and steady wins along the way.


Coy Williamson Program Director

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